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Tune ups, Fuel Injection & Induction Cleanings, Brakes, Check Engine Lights(Engine Diagnostics),Air Conditioning........ Plus more
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  Preventive Maintenance vs. Repair
  Tire rotations...engine diagnostics...belt and hose checks...not the kind of thing you have the time or the money for, right? My car's running good, it'll be fine...

According to the Car Care Council, Americans spent an estimated 2 billion dollars last year due to vehicle neglect. Think of it this way: Which is more expensive, replacing your battery, or having it die and leave you stranded, paying for a service call and then replacing the battery anyway? In the overall scheme of things, getting your car serviced regularly is the best way for you to save money on automotive costs, and save time on easily avoidable mechanical problems.

We want to keep your car running longer. Regular visits to us for tire and manufacturer recommended engine maintenance will help you avoid the problems that cost you extra time and money. Come see us today; it's the best investment you can make for your car.

Frequently asked Automotive questions

The most common reason is the brake rotors have become warped due to excessive heat, or they have become too thin to dissipate heat.


The “Service Engine Soon” light is to let you know that the computer has detected a problem in the system. If the car seems to run fine then just have a qualified technician check the system to find the problem.


Your car may need an alignment, but the most common cause is a tire and wheel assembly out of balance.


That is the tire’s maximum air pressure and is set by the vehicle’s manufacturer. This information can be found on the door jamb of most vehicles.


The problem is most likely in the charging system. This could cause a battery failure if not checked soon.



Some manufacturers now recommend synthetic oil for their vehicles. The price is usually much higher so check your owner’s manual for proper application.


Even though your blower is part of the AC system that isn't what makes the air cold. This is why an AC performance test is recommended.

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